What People Say

Comments and reviews from previous guests:

“James, thank you for a wonderful 3 days of fishing and relaxing in the beautiful Nootka Sound. You showed yourself to be a true professional when it comes to guiding and giving your clients full value for their money. Your friendly, easy going style was a pleasure to witness.  And could you find us fish!!!! Coho, Springs, halibut, ling cod, and who knows what the others were.  We left with big smiles, good memories and a cooler FULL OF FISH. The accommodation was far beyond what we expected My wife, my son and myself all had a fabulous time. Thank you once again and we hope to catch many more fish with you in the years to come.” Bob Kozakowski – Courtenay, BC


“James Fisher, owner and guide for Fisher’s Adventures is the pinnacle of fishing guides. His first focus is on safety. He always plans an exit strategy in case the weather/ water turn for the worst, which gives peace of mind to even the most uneasy passenger. Once this is accomplished, he puts the boat on the fish you want. One day, we left the lodge @ 5:30 AM, headed offshore to hook into some Salmon. There were 4 of us fishing and by 11AM we had caught our limit of Chinook and caught a few Coho as a bonus. That wasn’t enough for us, so we asked him to put us onto some Halibut, so he did. By 1:30 PM, we had our limit of Halibut as well. Best day of fishing I (we) had ever experienced. For the next day, I asked James to put me on a Yellow Eye as I’d never caught one before. He drove the boat to a location, dropped the gear and in 10 minutes I pulled one into the boat. This guy knows what he is doing. Aside from all of this, James is fun and allows his clients to have fun as well. We made up silly dances, took funny pictures and laughed and joked a lot. This year was my first time on James’ boat, and am going to book him for next year and years to come after that. You will not find a better guide, meteorologist, biology professor, conservationist or friend anywhere except at Fishers Island Adventures. You will not be disappointed, it is money well spent. Memories like my group shared are priceless.” Joe C. – Alberta


“James, Once again I want to compliment you on your excellent charter business. It was a day enjoyed by all of us. Also you did a good job hosting two young boys who at 8 years old can be a handful in each of their own ways. Randy and I were very impressed with your patience and ability to develop a rapport with each of us that made us feel comfortable and not tooooo klutzy. I wish you well and perhaps we will venture out again.” Larry Jefferson – BC


“James took us out last year, he is such a knowledgeable guide, he knows when the fish bite and why and that knowledge is what limited us out in a matter of hours. The biggest one I caught was 37lbs and the average of the rest were 25+, we ate like champs that night and it’s all because of Fishers Island Adventures, highly recommended A++++++, well be making a trip every year and booking with James.”A. B. Dunic – Sidney, BC


“If you are thinking of booking a fishing trip with Fishers Island Adventures, there is only one thing I can say, Do it! If you are interested in a first class fishing experience on a custom built, 24.5 foot boat and being surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in BC,  these are the people to book with.

James took me out salmon fishing just off of Courtenay. It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon early in June. Despite the weather, I was warm and dry and  the fishing was great! We caught two nice Chinooks and some smaller ones. Not bad for a few hours of fishing. The Chinooks we decided to keep were cleaned and bagged by James right on the boat.

The fishing equipment was excellent and the boat is loaded with all the latest electronics and gear. Wow, here you have a guy who has got his act together! James is a 100% fisherman, he knows the waters around Vancouver Island and also someone who can tell you a lot about the wildlife.  On our fishing trip we saw bald eagles, minke whales, porpoises and seals.

If you are thinking of going out fishing, give James Fisher a call and talk to him. I promise you, you will get hooked!” Menno Haddeman – Netherlands


“James, Its hard to find a better outfit than this! We have been off the west coast of Vancouver Island a few times and you cant beat James’ setup, from top end gear that always produces to a boat that lacks nothing for comfort with captain swivel seats, room for 5 out of the rain yet still part of the action. Toilet on board for the ladies, and a large fish fighting deck. To top it off a professional yet fun guide that isn’t a 20 year old kid or a 60 year old looking to fill in some retirement time. But the thing that keeps us booking year after year is the honesty. No BS on good times to fish, this guy wants to produce for you, not rip you off. Oh and his coaching has done wonders for our little one with confidence to bring in fish after fish. James has taken us out off of Gold River and Tahsis where there is a nice sound that gets packed with salmon but zero swell. Its like fishing in a lake with a 25 foot boat. Or you can zip around the point in 5 minutes and your in the open ocean. The accommodations at Flynns’ Cove have been great as well. Its not a resort with massages and spas but really your there to fish! Nice cabins with large living rooms and comfortable beds for a place this remote its 5 star in my books. Looking forward to this years trip! Thanks again James!!” Henry C. – Alberta